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Division is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (1)
Frost (1)
Balance (1)
Restoration (1)
Holy (1)
Discipline (1)
Holy (1)
Restoration (1)
Fury (1)
Protection (1)
Division is a brand new hardcore raiding guild, on the realm Dath'Remar.
We formed on the 09/03, from core people from a failing guild.

Our plans are to become one of the top guild's on the Oceanic Realms, and even the world in tiers of raiding to come.
Including many realm firsts, and satisfying kills.

At this stage we're recruiting a wide variety of Classes, and Specs to fulfil our core spots.
We expect applicant's to be the best of there class, and to know how to raid; We don't care about your gear, we can fix that. However, we can't fix a handicapped raider with no raid awareness. so if you're one of them, close this webpage right now. we don't want to hear from you.

We're a 10man guild, people will be sat out for content as it's being put on farm, if you can't handle sitting out, and you're just going to log off, and complain like a little baby, then again, we don't want to hear from you.

We might be a new guild on the Realm, but we're not Recruiting bads. Upon first raiding with us, everyone will be given a trial, if anyone doesn't listen to Raid lead, has an issue with something, or has no raid awareness, you will be replaced. Everyone can be replaced given time.

If you feel like this if the guild for you, you have raid awareness and you're the best at your class, feel free to apply. We're always recruiting exceptional player's at there class.
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